Council backing sought for improved cycling infrastructure

A new campaign urging local governments to improve cycling infrastructure so more people can walk and ride during and after Covid-19 began this week.

Launched by cycling advocacy group We Ride Australia, the Let’s Keep Moving campaign calls on all Australians to ask their local council what their plans are for better footpaths and bikeways.

It centres around an animation highlighting how travel habits have changed during the coronavirus pandemic and how the community has benefitted from more families and individuals walking and riding in their neighbourhoods.

We Ride’s Stephen Hodge said these healthy habits could dwindle as work, school and other activities return to normal.

“Transport data from around Australia has clearly shown significant increases in walking and cycling during Covid-19 across our towns and cities nationwide, which is really positive to see,” Mr Hodge said.

“But without the appropriate, connected paths that allow people to continue to walk and ride when they return to work, fears about virus infection will create greater congestion on the road as people avoid public transport and take their cars instead.”

Councils are responsible for local paths and eight in 10 roads in Australia, and decisions to invest federal stimulus funding to improve local infrastructure will facilitate walking and cycling by the entire community, he said.