Councils committed to Closing the Gap

Councils are committed to partnering with the next Federal Government to reduce the social and economic disadvantages experienced by many Indigenous Australians.

ALGA President Linda Scott said local governments are seeking a $100 million per year fund that would support the capacity of councils to Close the Gap and help implement the Local and Regional Voice.

“On behalf of Australia’s 537 councils, ALGA is proud to be a signatory to the national Closing the Gap agreement which sets out a pathway for improving the lives of Indigenous Australians,” Cr Scott said.

“Last year we released our implementation plan, which outlines how councils will progress priority reforms such as youth employment and economic participation.”

“Employment rates for Indigenous Australians have improved slightly over the past decade but they still remain a long way behind non-Indigenous Australians.”

“In many of our rural and remote communities, councils are major employers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.”

“With better funding partnerships we could invest more in training and upskilling our Indigenous staff, opening up new career pathways and improved opportunities for social inclusion.”

Cr Scott said funding support would also help councils engage with their local communities to establish the 35 proposed Local and Regional Voice bodies.

“This framework will make it easier for Indigenous Australians to provide advice and have input on matters that are important to improving their lives,” Cr Scott said.

“Local governments are committed to building a more prosperous and inclusive future for First Nations people based on genuine and respectful partnerships.”