Councils given extra time to find shovel-ready local road projects

The deadline for council responses to requests by Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack for help in fast-tracking land transport infrastructure projects on local roads has been extended to Wednesday 8 April.

Mr McCormack’s original request – designed to support local economies recover from the impact of Covid-19 – was sent to mayors and councilors on 6 March, with a deadline for responses of 20 March.

But in a letter on 1 April, Mr McCormack advised mayors and councillors that the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications recognised some councils “may not have been in a position to respond due to disruptions caused by Covid-19, as well as drought and bushfire recovery efforts”.

 “At this stage we are only seeking to obtain an early indication of potential projects that could be fast-tracked within the next six months,” Mr McCormack wrote.

Councils have been advised that projects could include either new or existing projects that are planned to begin within three to six months and be eligible for funding under the Commonwealth’s Infrastructure Investment Program (IIP).

The IIP assists local governments to upgrade local roads, bridges and intersections.