Councils taking part in NSoA survey guaranteed a quick win

Councils which provide data for ALGA’s next National State of the Assets Report can immediately download a performance report of their key asset classes.

ALGA has partnered with the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasian (IPWEA) to produce the 2021 report, which will provide consistent, evidence-based, infrastructure data for use by all levels of government.

ALGA’s Director of Policy for State of the Assets, Kym Foster, said one immediate benefit for councils inputting data was the option to download a word document detailing how well their infrastructure assets are performing.

That information can be quickly packaged into charts or other infographics for the use of elected councillors or to inform ratepayers and residents.

“It’s a quick and straightforward means for councils to apprise their local communities of both the value and performance of assets like roads, bridges, buildings and facilities, stormwater, and airports,” Mr Foster said.

“Informing ratepayers and residents about the state of their assets also reinforces the important asset stewardship role that councils perform on behalf of communities.”

IPWEA’s Principal Advisor, Asset Management, Steve Verity said data input will likely take about an hour of a council officer’s time to complete, depending on availability of, and access to source data and systems that are typically required for reporting purposes as at 30 June 2020.

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