Councils urged to join Nespresso capsule recycling program

Local governments are being encouraged to set up discrete collection points to promote recycling of aluminium coffee capsules made by Nespresso – and to include the company’s scheme on the recycling pages of their websites.

Domestic recycling systems are currently unable to effectively sort and recycle small items such as aluminium capsules. To get around this problem, Nespresso established its own used capsule recycling facility on the NSW South Coast at Nowra seven years ago. 

Aluminium recovered at Nowra is sold back into industry and the used coffee grounds become fertiliser. 

Several councils, including the City of Belmont in WA and the City of Greater Shepperton in Victoria, have set up Nespresso coffee pod collection points.

Workplaces or community facilities can also become part of the company’s free-of-charge bulk recycling collection initiative.   

Alternatively, used capsules can also be dropped off  at Nespresso boutiques or at participating florist or garden centre collection points or returned using a special Australia Post recycling satchel, meaning every Nespresso customer can recycle their capsules.

Contact Nespresso’s Michael Ebert on  for further details.