Cyclone-affected communities in WA get more support

Further assistance has been activated under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements for Western Australia communities impacted by Tropical Cyclone Seroja.

Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements had already been activated in the immediate aftermath of Seroja, but Category C and Category D measures have now been added.

This assistance will fund a clean-up program and community recovery support package for 13 local governments affected by the cyclone, with costs covered on a 50:50 basis by the Federal and WA governments.

The state government is working directly with the impacted local governments, in consultation with the federal government and the Insurance Council of Australia, to ensure a targeted clean-up program is established.

In addition, five community recovery officers (CROs) will be employed over two years to work across the impacted local government areas and support their long-term recovery.

The CROs will work with local governments and not-for-profit organisations to provide tailored community recovery support.

Information on disaster assistance is available on the Disaster Assist website.