Drought communication pack for local councils

There’s a great deal of support available to people in drought-affected regions, but it can be hard to stay across all of the assistance that is on offer at the national, state and local level.

The Federal Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PMC) has developed a communication pack to highlight the broad range of support available to individuals and families, farms and communities in areas impacted by drought across Australia.

The material in the communication pack can be used by drought-affected councils to help connect the people in their communities and regions with the support on offer.

The communication pack includes:

Feel free to use the pack as is, or pull targeted information from the pack for your own newsletters, websites, letters and social media channels to get the right information to the people in your community who need it.

PMC is continuing to refine its information activities based on the feedback it receives. Your input and feedback are welcomed to help improve and coordinate its information efforts. The Department is also interested in hearing about your local drought support initiatives and engagement activities. You can contact them at drought.taskforce@pmc.gov.au.