EcoTeq’s e-equipment hits the environmental sweet spot

In a world where environmental responsibility is becoming a “must-have”, EcoTeq has released an all-electric range of outdoor maintenance equipment.

The company’s next-generation technology, perfected in Europe and North America, means organisations and governments looking to reduce their carbon footprint don’t need to choose between the environment, safety, or productivity.

EcoTeq CEO Michael Mathews says that the company’s three pillars of environment, safety and productivity mean there is no need for compromise.

“These days, stakeholders and ratepayers expect organisations to take responsibility for the environment, ” he says.

“With our new range, we’re delivering a high-performance, high-efficiency solution that’s great for the community, the bottom line, and the planet.”

EcoTeq’s all-electric outdoor equipment is manufactured using up to 92 percent recycled materials and boasts market-leading environmental credentials.

While there is some hesitancy about making the change to electric-powered equipment, Mr Mathews says: “The EcoTeq range is energy efficient and offers significantly reduced emissions.

“Our battery technology means no release of emissions harmful to the environment or local communities.”

With safety being paramount for any modern business, EcoTeq’s equipment also features low-noise operation and a reduced risk of oil leaks.

“Our unique maintenance solutions are custom-designed to be up to 30 percent quieter for operators and the general public,” Mr Mathews says.

Being low-voltage electric equipment, EcoTeq’s range is also extremely safe.

“They require no diesel/petrol and far less oil, significantly reducing toxic fumes and the risk of pedestrian slips as a result of spills,” Mr Mathews says. “They’re also designed for optimal dust control and contact-free litter and debris collection.”

Major technology advances mean that is no longer the case that diesel and petrol-operated equipment is more powerful, more robust, and more reliable than electric alternatives. 

EcoTeq mowers offer continuous run-times of up to eight hours and are able to tackle a 30-acre block on a single charge.

The EcoTeq range combines power and reliability whilst offering a 70 percent reduction in maintenance costs when compared with commercial diesel equivalents, and a 90 percent saving when factoring in the cost of diesel or petrol.