Eight new WA projects in line for $35m in RMF funding

Eight new commercial projects to process West Australian plastic and tyre waste are to get $70 million in joint funding from the Commonwealth and WA state governments.

They include a facility in eastern Perth that will process plastic waste into high-quality flakes that can be used to make food-grade and non-food-grade recycled resin.

The new facility, a joint venture between the Pact Group Holdings and Cleanaway, will receive over $9.5 million in joint funding from the Commonwealth’s Recycling Modernisation Fund (RMF) and the WA State Government.

Another $15 million from the RMF and $15 million from the WA State Government will go towards tackling 100,000 tonnes of waste paper and cardboard at a new $86.6 million Suez Recycling and Recovery/Auswaste pulp mill in Perth.

The plant is expected to be operational before the Australia-wide export ban on mixed paper comes into effect on 1 July 2024.

Announcing the funding allocations this week, Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley said the eight projects would enable about 140,000 tonnes of plastic and tyre waste to be recycled each year.

WA Environment Minister Stephen Dawson congratulated the businesses for “seizing a transformational opportunity” for the state.

“It’s fantastic to see industry stepping up to the challenges of processing and recovering valuable products from the wastes we produce,” Mr Dawson said.

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