Feedback on SA Planning and Design Code (phase 3) published

Feedback on Phase Three (urban areas) of South Australia’s Planning and Design Codes has been published by the State Planning Commission.

The commission received 1790 submissions from councils, state agencies, industry practitioners and members of the community during a five-month consultation period.

The What We Have Heard Report summarises these responses, including  

  • a range of technical matters such as public notification requirements, the impact of overlays on deemed-to-satisfy pathways, and the role of restricted development;
  • consideration of zoning more appropriate to specific locations, particularly in relation to the suite of neighbourhood zones;
  • the impact of non-residential development in neighbourhoods and the role of Local Centre Zones;
  • policy within the heritage and character overlays to guide new development;
  • the creation of additional zones and subzones to recognise strategic employment areas that have specialised functions or strategic value;
  • potential improvements to the flood policy including the Hazards (Flooding) Overlay; and
  • residential infill policy, including storm water management and urban heat island impacts resulting from more prevalent development.

Phase Three of the code is expected to be implemented in late 2020, with a precise date to be advised after submissions received are considered.

In related news, the State Planning Commission has released additional legislation and supplementary materials to support the commencement of the Phase Two (Rural Areas) Planning and Design Code.