Funding relief option for council childcare centres

Council-run childcare or early education centres ineligible for JobKeeper payments may be eligible for exceptional circumstances supplementary payments under the federal government’s Early Childhood Education and Care Relief package.

The Exceptional Circumstance Supplementary Payment (supplementary payment) is available for providers/services who need a “top up” on the Early Childhood Education and Care Package payment (base relief payment) the provider/service is already getting through the Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package.

The supplementary payment is to help make sure the provider/service remains viable. Support from state government in lieu of JobKeeper will be taken into account in the assessment.

An information sheet on the supplementary payment can be found on the federal Education Department’s website.

The Federal Government has also announced an extra $59.3 million in funding for Meals on Wheels and similar services.

$50 million will go to funding 3.4 million meals for 41,000 people for six weeks, and the remaining $9.3 million will be used to buy 36,000 emergency food supplies boxes.

Support will also be directed at prioritising home delivery for senior Australians registered with My Aged Care, ensuring direct access to grocery suppliers via online and phone ordering.