Game on!

Australia’s 537 councils support a wide range of sports and active recreation activities, while also managing local waste and resource recovery.

However, participation in sport and recreation requires a significant amount of equipment. For example, in a single year close to 7.5 million tennis balls and 8 million inflatable balls are imported for the Australian sports market (ABS, Customised report, 2022).

Over time, this equipment wears out or becomes unwanted, and often ends up in either landfill or the environment where it causes damage to natural ecosystems and our health.

Game On Recycling is a pilot sports equipment product stewardship scheme, co-funded by the Australian Government’s National Product Stewardship Investment Fund, Australia New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP) and Wilson Sporting Goods Co.

This pilot aims to prevent sports equipment entering landfill and alleviate waste stream barriers through a range of collection, reuse and recycling partnerships.

Equipment accepted during the pilot phase includes tennis balls, inflates, rackets and ski equipment, and there are plans for other equipment to be accepted through the scheme in the future.

Collected equipment that cannot be passed on to charitable partners for reuse is processed, separated and tested to determine its use in the Australian manufacturing industry, contributing to the circular economy.

Game On Recycling is keen to hear from councils to better understand how they can support the management of sporting equipment waste and continue this pilot program into the future.

Councils are encouraged to provide their feedback and participate in this national survey.

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