How councils can help local communities tool up for extreme weather

Fire and floodwater emergency videos have been produced by the ABC as part of a new series exploring extreme weather in Australia.

The three-part documentary entitled Big Weather and how to survive it will also explore “practical, life-saving ways communities can empower themselves to prepare, survive and recover”.

To that end, the broadcaster is producing a toolkit for community organisations wanting to host community meetings, either in person or virtually, around the documentaries.

The toolkit includes clips, quizzes, conversation-starters, social media graphics, posters, and ideas for planning and promoting events, and is similar in concept to one prepared for an earlier three-part series entitled Fight for Planet A: Our Climate Challenge.

The series explores how carbon dioxide emissions might be reduced individually and collectively.

The City of Yarra Council hosted three events for “Fight for Planet A” (one after each episode), and the ABC has advised that the city would be happy to share the materials – including run sheets, speaking notes, and slides – with other councils planning community engagement events.

The extreme weather documentary series will be screened this month and will be available later on ABC’s iview platform where “Fight for Planet A” episodes can also be found.