How Whitehorse City Council is helping foster positive food habits

Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden Foundation is thriving, in part because of the continuing support of councils in Victoria.

Established in 2004, Ms Alexander’s not-for-profit foundation works with around 2000 schools (many of them in Victoria) to teach children how to grow, harvest and prepare fresh produce.

Following the foundation’s launch of a professional development and resources package in 2016, the Victorian Government said it would support 250 schools and services throughout the state to join the kitchen garden community.

The Municipal Association of Victoria also provided help to enable the foundation to liaise with local government and community health network representatives.

Since then, councils such as the City of Brimbank, Bass Coast Shire Council, Mitchell Shire Council, City of Melton, City of Whittlesea, and Warrnambool City Council have all jumped on board to financially support schools in their districts.

Another Melbourne council, the City of Whitehorse, financially supported a mix of 15 early years learning centres and primary schools to take up the package.

Whitehorse continues to be a strong supporter – as evidenced by a recent profile on the foundation website.

Local governments wanting to learn more about bringing positive food habits to their local area can find out more here.