IA seeking council help to frame national infrastructure plan

Infrastructure Australia is developing its next infrastructure roadmap and wants to confer with interested parties on possible policy directions and reforms.

The Australian Infrastructure Plan 2021 will set out IA’s advice on policy and reform (non-build) solutions to improve user and community access to and quality of infrastructure services as identified in the Australian Infrastructure Audit 2019.

The plan will focus on the transport, water, energy, social, digital/telco and waste infrastructure sectors as well as the themes of place, industry productivity and innovation, and sustainability and resilience.

To refine and improve reforms, IA will stage workshops and direct discussions throughout September and October.

The National Growth Areas Alliance; NSW and Queensland water directorates; the Gateway Cities Alliance; the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia; and a range of Regional Development Australia agencies will be part of the consultation process – along with interested local councils.

IA will also be seeking data and case studies to inform the case for reform and to highlight best practice amongst infrastructure owners and operators.

Councils wanting to help inform policy development work should email mail@infrastructureaustralia.gov.au

IA will release the plan in the first half of 2021.