Infrastructure planning ‘must factor extreme weather events’

More than 90 per cent of Australians want new infrastructure projects to prepare for more extreme events such as floods and fires, new research suggests.

Polling by JWS Research, conducted on behalf of Infrastructure Australia in June, also found similar concerns are held about planning for epidemics and disease.

The agency engaged JSW Research to survey 1800 adult Australians about the planning priorities for its next national plan, which provides an investment road map for government and industry.

Preparing for extreme weather events such as floods and fires was considered a major priority among 68 per cent of respondents and a minor priority among another 26 per cent, a total of 94 per cent.

Planning for diseases and pandemics was named a major priority by 67 per cent and a minor priority by 26 per cent, making this the second-highest concern with a total of 93 per cent.

The need for infrastructure planning to consider hacking, espionage and cyber-attacks was rated a major priority by 61 per cent and a minor priority by 31 per cent.