Insurers looking to work more closely with LG in disaster recovery

The Insurance Council of Australia is holding a webinar series next month to help councils make best use of the insurance industry’s post-disaster coordination arrangements.

The ICA, the representative body of the general insurance industry in Australia, works closely with each level of government to ensure disaster recovery processes are harmonised and effective.

To that end, the ICA collects hazard-related data from governments on behalf of insurance companies, including information relating to flooding, bushfires, cyclones and storms.

Underwriters can use this information to help understand the probability of a natural disaster in specific locations.

The hour-long webinars will cover topics such as:

  • What a catastrophe declaration means for a council;
  • Common insurance myths;
  • What councils can expect from insurance first-responders;
  • Insurance hubs, one-stop shops and other resources;
  • The role of insurance assessors;
  • How councils can escalate insurance-related issues; and
  • How repairs, rebuilding and cash settlements work.

The webinars will also canvass the upcoming disaster season and preparations being made by insurers and will be run daily from 9-13 November between 2-3pm.

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