IPWEA’s new design manual for walkable Qld neighbourhoods

A contemporary guide for designing walkable neighbourhoods in Queensland has been published by the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (Qld).

Developed with input from across the sector, the Street Design Manual: Walkable Neighbourhoods “recognises streets as an important connector to multi-purpose social spaces in our neighbourhoods … [and] offers access options for active transport delivering safer neighbourhoods and a sense of community.

It is intended as a resource for local authorities, engineers, planners, designers, practitioners and decision-makers involved with the planning and design of walkable neighbourhoods.

To support the publication’s release, IPWEAQ is offering professional development opportunities to help practitioners read, interpret, and apply the content in a consistent and effective way.

Contact Craig Moss at craig.moss@ipweaq.com or 07 3632 6805 for more information.