LG investment in renewables can drive economic recovery: CPP

A new report has identified how councils can invest in renewable energy, urban greening, and climate action to drive local economic recovery.

Published by Cities Power Partnership (CPP), the Clean Jobs for Communities report says towns and cities can play a crucial role in helping overcome Australia overcome its climate and health crises.

“Local governments have long been energy and climate trailblazers,” the report says.

“They are surging ahead with emissions reduction plans, switching to cleaner energy and building greener, efficient and more resilient communities.”

As the country looks to recover from Covid-19, councils can create clean, local jobs within councils and local communities by:

  • Driving renewable energy and storage;
  • Rolling out energy efficiency measures;
  • Accelerating and advocating for sustainable transport links;
  • Increasing revegetation and urban greening;
  • Integrating circular economy principles across council;
  • Actively educating communities on the importance of climate change action;
  • Supporting local businesses to be more sustainable; and
  • Prioritising local businesses, skills, and supplies.

The report is based on analysis from the Climate Council’s Clean Jobs Plan, and includes 40 on-the-ground local government case studies that include energy, emissions and financial savings, jobs created, and cost figures.

The Cities Power Partnership is a local government climate action network comprising over 140  councils nationwide.