LG views sought on holistic suicide-prevention approach

The Commonwealth Health Department has widened its public consultations to inform a whole-of-government approach to suicide prevention.

It follows “Interim Advice” provided to Prime Minister Scott Morrison in August by the National Suicide Prevention Adviser, Christine Morgan.

The advice, released this week, comprises 13 “in-principle” recommendations to improve the whole-of-government coordination and delivery of suicide prevention activities.

To coincide with the release of the Interim Advice, the Health Department is conducting a public consultation survey which will remain open until 30 November 2020. 

Interested local government organisations are being encouraged to respond to this survey, which will inform the refinement of the recommendations for the “Final Advice” to be provided to the Prime Minister in December. 

The department has also recently consulted state and territory local government associations about regional suicide prevention planning.

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