Local government calls for disaster recovery funding at Senate hearing

ALGA appeared before a Senate Select Committee on Australia’s Disaster Resilience on 13 April to highlight that local governments urgently need more support to rebuild their communities.

While Australia’s 537 councils appreciate the significant investment they have received from federal and state/territory governments for disaster funding, ALGA’s submission to the Committee said there’s an urgent need for dedicated funding for #localgovernment to prepare for future disaster events.

As outlined in its submission, ALGA is asking for funding over three years at a total cost of $5.7 million from the Commonwealth to increase local government preparedness for disasters across the country.

ALGA is also calling for a new targeted mitigation fund for local government to build infrastructure to a more resilient standard.  $250 million per year over four years would immediately enable disaster-affected councils to repair their infrastructure and ensure new infrastructure is built to a more resilient standard.

Read the full submission here: https://alga.com.au/app/uploads/ALGA-Submission-to-the-Senate-Select-Committee-on-Australias-Disaster-Resilience.pdf