2018 Nation local roads and transport congress

20-22 NOVEMBER 2018

Local governments are responsible for some of the most critical transport assets in this country. Local roads and bridges connect individuals, communities and businesses and often provide connectivity between major freight routes. It is critical that this role be recognised and funded appropriately to ensure that our nation’s roads and transport networks are fit-for-purpose now and into the future.

The theme of this year’s Congress is Connecting Transport Networks Now and into the Future. The importance of improved transport connectivity to the economic wellbeing of Australia is well established. Improved transport connectivity allows greater accessibility to employment and markets, and cost savings in terms of reduced transit times, less traffic congestion and reduced transport costs.

The key benefit of improved transport connectivity is its transformational effects – making cities and regions more accessible, more liveable and creating opportunities for economic development that could not otherwise exist. Carefully planned, multi-modal transport systems promise to make cities more efficient and liveable. Improved transport connectivity is also critical to regional development. Greater regional connectivity will promote the development of regional areas, make relocation to these areas more attractive and reduce growth pressures on major cities.

The importance of integrated transport and land-use planning to the successful development of transport connectivity is clear. Integrated planning has significant benefits, not least of which is matching transport to land-use in a manner which optimises both. Sessions that will underpin and enliven our Congress’ theme will include: Implementing the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy; Land Transport Market Reform; Technology is changing how we travel; Realising regional and industry benefits from Inland Rail; the Challenge of delivering Integrated Transport and Land-Use Planning; Sustaining our Regional Airports and Stepping up Safety on our Local Roads.

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