New food safety guide for ‘expanding restaurant/cafe sector’

A new interactive guide to managing workplace and food safety in restaurants and cafes has been published.

The AR Interactive Restaurant and Café Guide outlines health and safety management systems to help hospitality staff minimise risk, maintain and improve food management – and is endorsed by the NSCA Foundation.

The foundation says hospitality staff respond well to information relayed via visual means such as videos and 3D animations rather than technical written documents.

As such, the guide has been developed with interactive augmented reality (AR) capabilities for use with a smart device, by simply downloading the free Pro-Vis AR App via the App Store or Google Play.

Potentially Hazardous Foods – Temperature Control is a primary focus of the guide to interpret the requirements included in Food Safety Standard 3.2.2 Food Safety Practices and General Requirements.

The guide aligns with hygiene and food safety practices developed by Food Standards Australia Zealand (FSANZ) and is designed to be displayed in the workplace.