New guide for LGs to secure IoT for smarter cities and places

A guide to help councils secure the internet of things (IoT) for a smart city or location has been compiled by the Australian Computer Society (ACS).

A non-technical publication, the short guide has been written specifically for those local government personnel responsible for business operational risk and purchasing decisions.

For local governments, IoT has become a key tool for improving liveability for residents and for reducing operating costs.

It can be used for smart traffic management, garbage collection, utilities, environment, resource monitoring, parking management and more.

It comes with risks, however, and local governments looking to implement smart city technology may be advised to take a new approach to security and risk management.

The guide is designed to help them on that journey. It covers how to approach stakeholders, how to look at risks holistically, and who to approach for help when things get complicated.

The full report can be downloaded here.