Childcare funding relief | Online naturalisations | City councils step up | ALGA News 9 April 2020

President's column

A special videoconference of the ALGA board today reflected on how Local Government is stepping up and reinventing itself to play a key role throughout the Covid-19 crisis and beyond, despite facility lockdowns, revenue losses, imminent rate relief impacts and external calls for more spending and higher debt servicing. Three main principals emerged from the+

Funding relief option for council childcare centres

Council-run childcare or early education centres ineligible for JobKeeper payments may be eligible for exceptional circumstances supplementary payments under the federal government’s Early Childhood Education and Care Relief package. The Exceptional Circumstance Supplementary Payment (supplementary payment) is available for providers/services who need a “top up” on the Early Childhood Education and Care Package payment (base+

Home Affairs to take citizenship ceremonies online

The Department of Home Affairs will begin conducting online citizenship ceremonies in place of the traditional ceremonies that have been impacted by Covid-19 health and social distancing restrictions. Home Affairs began trialing ceremonies over secure video link at the end of March. When fully implemented, the online citizenship service will be able to confer citizenship+

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