Local Government Act Trends | ALGA News 8 February 2019

President's column

Should there be consistency of Local Government Acts across states and territories in Australia? I had the opportunity last week to speak at the WALGA Future of Local Government State-wide Forum and offer a possible answer to this question by looking at Local Government Act trends in Australia. Local government is a creature of the+

Six councils make successful bids for Move It Aus Better Ageing grants

Six councils are part of 27 organisations that will share in an investment of almost $23 million by the Commonwealth Government aimed at getting millions of older Australians moving more often. The funds will be invested over the next two years under the Move It Aus Better Ageing Grants with a focus on helping inactive+

Labor pledges to work with local government in its National Platform

Labor’s National Platform outlines its key policy priorities heading into an election year. In its recently-released National Platform, Labor has pledged to work with local government to ensure it has a secure economic base. The Platform states that Labor will: provide long-term funding certainty provide funding through the ongoing Financial Assistance Grants and index these+

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