NSW council to debate offshore mining for beach renewal

The City of Newcastle Council will consider a state government-backed plan to mine sand offshore from Stockton Beach to repair erosion damage.

It follows a six-week exploration program by the NSW Government to locate three offshore sand deposits to replenish the beach north of Newcastle.

The exploration data will now go to Newcastle Council for assessment and consideration of a development application for a mining license.

Deputy Lord Mayor of Newcastle Declan Clausen said getting sand back on the beach was a matter of urgency.

“We still need to have conversations to understand exactly what’s required next,” he told ABC News last week.

“The Deputy Premier [John Barilaro] has made it very clear to us that we have the support of the NSW Government and his department, including financial resources, to ensure we can get that done in the most expedient way possible.”

Sand mining has been used elsewhere in Australia to replenish eroded beaches, but a licence to mine sand offshore and use it to rebuild a beach has yet to be granted in NSW