NSW Govt scheme to combat emerging solar panel waste stream

The first phase of a NSW Government scheme to recycle solar photo-voltaic panels and batteries and reduce PV waste to landfill has begun.

Forecasts are that the waste stream in NSW comprising end-of-life solar PV panel systems and energy storage batteries could reach between 3000 to 10,000 tonnes a year by 2025 and then rise to 34,000 to 63,000 tonnes annually by 2035.

It is hoped the $10 million Circular solar trials grants program will stimulate increased collection activities across supply chains through the trial of recovery logistics models and  reduce the generation of unnecessary solar panel and battery waste to landfill by drawing on collaboration across the supply chain.

Expressions of interest may be submitted for projects that will “test the commercial and logistical feasibility of collecting and aggregating solar panel and battery systems for recycling and reuse, while linking these collected resources with end-markets to show end-to-end outcomes”. 

Applications close on 17 September.