NTC calls for submissions on review of AV trial guidelines

The National Transport Commission wants feedback on its review of automated vehicle trial guidelines and its “Government access to vehicle-generated data” discussion paper.

Early trials of automated vehicles in states and territories relied on exemptions from state road rules and road safety Acts, without any uniform guidance for governments and trialling organisations.

The guidelines lessen the risk of differing conditions for trials across states and territories which might add cost to industry and slow the uptake of automated vehicles.

This review will identify whether the guidelines have assisted governments and trialling organisations, and if they can be updated to further ensure a nationally consistent and safe approach to trials.

Click here to read the discussion paper and make a submission.

Details of the discussion paper on government access to vehicle-generated data, which the NTC describes as “creating potential opportunities for transport agencies to create public value by enhancing network operations, investment, maintenance, planning and road safety”, can be found here.