Other Budget measures of interest for local governments

Local governments provide a vast array of services, functions, and amenities according to individual state government legislative frameworks.

Last night’s Federal Budget contained measures of varying relevance to local governments, depending on their jurisdiction or location.

They include (with Budget Paper references):

  • Home Ownership – First Home Super Saver Scheme (BP2 P17) and First Home Super Saver Scheme (BP2 P17) Home Builder Extension (BP2 P187);
  • Managing burden of feral animals, pests and weeds – $29.1m over four years (BP2P52);
  • EPBC Review Response – $29.3m over four years (BP2 P57) includes independent environmental assurance commissioner, extra resources, and protection of indigenous cultural heritage;
  • Murray Darling Basin, managing water resources – $1.5b over four years (BP2 P58);
  • Oceans Leadership Package – $100.1m over five years (BP2 P59);
  • Roadmap for respect – sexual harassment $9.3m over four years (BP2 P61);
  • COVID-19 Response Package – aviation and tourism support $1.8b over four years (BP2 P69);
  • Women’s Economic Security Package – $1.8b over five years (BP2 P81);
  • Women’s Safety – $998.1m over four years to reduce and support victims of domestic violence (BP2 P83);
  • Newcastle Airport Improvements – $66.1m over two years (BP2 P86);
  • Addressing workforce shortages on key areas – Job Trainer Fund extension – $506.3m over two years (BP2 P88);
  • Boosting Apprenticeships Commencements wage subsidy – $2.7b over four years (BP2 P88);
  • Child Care – $1.6b over four years (BP2 P91);
  • Aged Care – Royal Commission Response – $698.3m over five years (BP 2 P99);
  • Aged care – home care – $7.5b over five years (BP2 P100);
  • Guaranteeing Medicare – rural workforce strengthening – $80.9m over five years (BP2 P111);
  • Mental Health – $2b over four years (BP2 P117);
  • Emissions Reduction and New Investments – $1.6b over ten years (BP2 P138);
  • Community Development Grants Program – $55.5m over three years – specific projects identified (BP2 P147);
  • Infrastructure Investment – by State/Territory (BP2 P 151 – 160);
  • National Water Grid – $160m over two years includes specified projects (BP2 P164);
  • Registration of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems and Fee Reform – $28.3m (BP2 P165);
  • Rebuilding Regional Communities – $6.1m over 2 years (BP2 P169);
  • Scoping public service hubs in Regional Australia – $0.6m in 2021-22 (BP2 P169) and regulatory barriers for business relocation in regional Australia;
  • Indigenous Skills and Job Advancement – $243.6m over five years (BP2 P173); and
  • National Strategy to prevent and respond to child abuse – $146m over four years (BP2 P174)
  • Northern Australia – next five year plan $189.6m over five years (BP2 P142)
  • Cyclone and related Flooding Insurance Pool for Northern Australia – $2.4m in 2021-22 to establish a task force (BP2 P186)
  • National Housing and Urban Research Program $5.8m over three years and Housing Data Dashboard (AIHW) – $1.2m over four years (BP2 P188)