Our Federal Election Priorities – Don’t leave local communities behind

We are proud to launch ALGA’s Federal Election Platform.

Informed by motions submitted by councils at our National General Assembly, and unanimously endorsed by our Board in conjunction with our member state and territory local government associations, this document outlines 17 national policy initiatives that will optimise Commonwealth/local government partnerships designed to benefit every community.

These are grouped under five key portfolio areas: economic recovery, transport and community infrastructure, building resilience, circular economy, and intergovernmental relations

Independent modelling of our proposals shows that properly supported, they will create at least 42,975 new jobs and add $6.39 billion per annum to Australia’s GDP.

Alongside our State and Territory Associations members, we are now calling on all parties and candidates to support these national priorities ahead of the election and empower local government to play a meaningful role in Australia’s recovery.

We’re also asking councils to support this national campaign by endorsing ALGA’s proactive policy initiatives, identifying local projects and programs that could be delivered with better funding partnerships, writing to local members and candidates, and highlighting the value strong funding partnerships can deliver for their local communities.

This election is a crucial opportunity to further empower local leaders to create the jobs and the economic growth that are so vital to our nationwide recovery.

I hope you will work with us to leverage this opportunity so we can help build the inclusive and sustainable future we all want – one that leaves no community behind.

Linda Scott,
ALGA President