OzHarvest stakes out new ground in fight against food waste

A national campaign to help reduce household food waste has been launched by food rescue group OzHarvest.

The Use It Up campaign features a new product innovation, Use It Up Tape™  designed to make it easy for consumers to waste less.

The tape can be used in pantries, fridges or freezers to mark out a space to place food that needs using up, and it’s dishwasher proof.

As well, OzHarvest has collaborated with BehaviourWorks Australia to publish Halving Household Food Waste – Which Behaviours Matter?

The research represents an innovative approach, using evidence-based decision-making to determine most impactful behaviours to reduce food waste.

Local councils that want to find out how they can take part in the Use It Up campaign can email Annika.stott@ozharvest.org