Policy Focus – Housing and homelessness high on policy and advocacy agenda

ALGA continues to work closely with association members, the Federal Government and key stakeholders to help address Australia’s housing and homelessness crisis.

As a signatory to the National Housing Accord, we are actively involved with a range of Government agencies, including from the Treasury and Department of Social Services.

ALGA recently engaged and held online workshops with the Department of Social Services on the National Housing and Homelessness Plan, which outlines a 10-year strategy and shared vision to inform future housing and homelessness policy in Australia.

The Plan is part of the Government’s ambitious reform agenda which also includes a $10 billion Housing Australia Future Fund, to support the delivery of 30,000 social and affordable homes in five years.

Working alongside members, ALGA will soon provide feedback to the Department of Infrastructure for the consultation on new guidelines for the $500 million Housing Support Program.  The program is a competitive fund that will be available for local and state governments to support enabling infrastructure for new housing.

This new program was announced by National Cabinet in August and ALGA will work closely with members to provide feedback to the Government on these guidelines.

ALGA also continues to highlight the benefits of engaging with local governments on this ambitious housing build.  Local decision-making and input will improve the planning outcomes for local communities.

Local governments, working closely with their communities, want to create liveable communities and leave a positive legacy with this housing build.  We also want to ensure regional and rural communities housing challenges and opportunities are also considered in the national policy settings.

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