‘Clearer picture of LG’s invasive species work needed’

Many councils manage vertebrate pests and invasive weeds in their local communities, but little is understood of the extent of these efforts nationwide.

A broader perspective of the collective work of councils will better inform policymakers at a national level on management priorities in relation to established vertebrate pests and weeds, and resource allocation to mitigate their impacts.

To that end, a survey has been developed by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES), the Australian Association of Bush Regenerators (AABR), and the Invasive Species Council (ISC).

As a starting point, a short (three minute) online questionnaire has been prepared to ask for the contact details of the person/s best placed within the council to complete a follow-up online questionnaire with more detailed questions.

The follow-up survey will touch on a) data holdings on the distribution of vertebrate pests and weeds, b) management costs, c) social impacts studies, and d) obstacles to invasive species management.

For more information about this joint survey and what it means for the local government sector, contact Alex Van der Meer Simo at the ABARES Biosecurity and Social Science Program team at NationalPestAndWeedData@awe.gov.au or 02 5156 5936.

ABARES will contact local councils soon via email seeking collaboration with this survey.

The information provided will be used for research purposes only and will remain confidential.

Participation in this research is voluntary and will not affect any government assistance that a council receives.