President’s column – 17 December 2021

The coming Federal Election marks a watershed moment for our cities, towns, regions, and communities.

The past two years have been perhaps the toughest we have faced as a nation since World War II.

During the COVID19 pandemic, the bushfires, and the floods, Australian councils have delivered emergency support, helped businesses, created jobs, and showed economic leadership.

We have done so much to support, protect, enrich and enable our communities, but properly recognised and adequately funded, we could do even more.

This election is an opportunity for federal parties to show how they’ll build a stronger, more inclusive, more sustainable Australia post-COVID.

And ALGA’s message to every party and candidate is clear: Australia’s local governments are ready to work with you to get the job done.

Wishing you a well-deserved, peaceful, and restful break over the holiday season.

Linda Scott,
ALGA President