President’s Update – 19 June 2023

Win! $100 million Community Energy Upgrades Fund

I am thrilled that ALGA’s strong advocacy and leadership has delivered a new $100 million Community Energy Upgrades Fund for Australian councils, announced by Prime Minister Albanese at Friday’s ACLG Forum.

Councils have been leading climate action and reducing their carbon footprints for decades, and we have consistently advocated for funding support that will allow us to build on this important and innovative work.

This new program – launched by Federal Ministers in Queanbeyan today (see photo below) – will enable us to reduce power bills across our community and sporting infrastructure, while helping the Government achieve its target of net zero emissions by 2050.

We look forward to working with the Government on the guidelines for this fund to ensure the benefits are maximised across our communities.

Win! FA Grants brought forward

Our advocacy has also delivered an early payment of FA Grants, with the Government committing to bring forward the 2023-24 allocation of Financial Assistance Grants to councils to 2022-23.

This means that all councils will receive 100% of their 2023-24 allocation in the next two weeks.

ALGA has been advocating strongly for this outcome since the Budget was handed down last month, and we are thrilled the Government has listened and responded.

 Win! Return of the ACLG

It was fantastic to join so many of you for the historic return of the Australian Council of Local Government last Friday in Canberra.

This was our opportunity to speak directly to our Federal Government and Prime Minister with the one voice, and highlight the big issues and challenges for our communities.

I want to thank Prime Minister Albanese for re-establishing the ACLG, and we look forward to the next instalment!

Another successful NGA

A big thank you to the 1,100 mayors, shire presidents, councillors and local government leaders, including those who travelled vast distances, for this year’s successful National General Assembly.

During the week we heard from Federal Minister’s King and McBain, the Leader of the Opposition, the Ukraine Ambassador and so many more fantastic keynotes.

We also considered a record number of council motions, and I look forward to bringing these NGA resolutions to our next ALGA Board meeting.

King’s Birthday Honours

Finally, congratulations to all of the recipients of King’s Birthday Honours this year.

It was amazing to see so many local government leaders celebrated and honoured for the incredible contributions they make to our communities.