Refresh for national framework to address gender inequality

An updated suite of resources addressing gender inequality and violence against women has been published by Our Watch.

Our Watch CEO Patty Kinnersly said the revised evidence-based framework went beyond addressing individual behaviours to consider the broader social, political, and economic factors that drive violence.

“The evidence shows that we can stop violence against women before it starts, provided all parts of society play a role,” she said.

“We need to address the gendered drivers of violence at every level and continue to promote and embed gender equality everywhere we live, work, learn, socialise and play. 

The Change the story framework and a 20-page summary are available on the Our Watch website.

Our Watch was established by the Commonwealth and Victorian governments in 2013 after the adoption of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and Their Children 2010-22.

The next national plan is expected to be launched shortly, with the federal government last week announcing it will invest $22.4 million over five years to establish a Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence Commission to oversee the plan’s implementation.