ROSI corridors to share in $7.5b transport infrastructure spend

The Federal Government will invest $7.5 billion in national transport infrastructure to boost the national economy, deliver safer roads, and create new jobs.

The announcement, made a day before the Federal Budget was handed down, contains a mix of new projects and additional federal funding for already announced upgrades, including Roads of Strategic Importance (ROSI).

Of the $7.5 billion headline figure, $2.7 billion will be allocated to NSW transport infrastructure; $155 million to the ACT; $190 million for the NT, $1.7 billion for Victoria; $1.3 billion for Queensland; $625 million for SA; $1.1 billion for WA; and $360 million for Tasmania.

Although primarily intended for national and state road projects, a portion of the money will be spent on upgrades of freight bridges in WA and Tasmania.

Nearly $208 million will be invested in Roads of Strategic Investment in Western Australia and Queensland.