State of the Regions Report 2016-17: Supporting a Prosperous Visitor Economy

This year’s report examines local government’s role in tourism development.

Local government helps to administer many tourist attractions and assists in the presentation of tourism-related events. It also provides much of the basic infrastructure which supports the industry, especially transport infrastructure. This year’s report seeks to better understand the importance and complexity of the visitor economy from a regional perspective – not only the opportunities for income generation, but also the associated problems of seasonal and low-wage employment.

The report includes an investigation of the Commonwealth role in local government finance. It also covers regional aspects of education finance and regional differences in the pathways from early childhood to satisfying employment.

Regular features included in the report are updates on the structure of regional incomes, skills and employment, housing and wealth, telecommunications, energy and climate change. The report provides extensive data for 67 regions covering all Australia and also includes a chapter on recent economic trends in the major metropolitan areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

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