Stronger Communities Program reminder from federal MPs

Federal Politicians are urging eligible community groups and organisations to finalise their funding applications for Round 6 of the Stronger Communities Program.

Round 6 will provide $22.65 million to fund small capital projects in each of the country’s 151 federal electorates.

For this special round, grant funding will be up to 100 percent of eligible project costs except for local government councils, where funding will be up to 50 percent of eligible project costs. “In-kind” expenditure will not be assessed as eligible expenditure.

Expressions of interest should include a short description of the project, total cost, details of matching funding (for councils), why the project is important to the community and contact details.

Community consultation is a critical element of the program.

In consultation with their community, each MP must identify potential applicants and projects in their electorate and invite them to apply for a grant.

Invited applications will be assessed against the program’s eligibility criteria through a closed non-competitive process.

Each electorate has total funding of up to $150,000 that can be allocated to successful applications. A maximum of 20 projects will be funded in each electorate.