Support for FAGs heads new ALGA Strategic Plan 2020-23

ALGA has made preserving Financial Assistance Grants and restoring FAGs funding lost in the 2014-15 indexation freeze a key outcome in its Strategic Plan 2020-23.

The new plan, which will replace the Strategic Plan 2017-20, also includes detailed initiatives to:

  • Secure increased Roads to Recovery funding to $800 million annually;
  • Advocate for additional stormwater, water and sewerage infrastructure funding;
  • Advocate for a significant expansion of the road safety Black Spot program; and
  • Secure Commonwealth commitment to guide a local approach to road safety.

ALGA’s Directors signed off on the plan at a Board meeting last week.

In another departure from the existing plan, the 2020-23 Plan outlines a strong commitment to waste reduction and recycling, building community resilience, and addressing climate-change risks.

To enable a strong waste and recycling system (and the start of a circular economy), ALGA will advocate for strengthened product stewardship, including mandatory product stewardship for all difficult-to-recycle products and incentives or penalties for manufacturers of such products.

To support communities to prepare for, respond to, and recover from worsening disaster threats (including drought), ALGA will advocate for a disaster mitigation fund of $200 million over four years, as well as funding to allow every local government to develop a resilience and emergency management plan.

The Board believes action by all levels of government is needed to mitigate climate change and adapt to unavoidable change.

To that end, the new Strategic Plan includes a commitment to advocate for a Local Government Climate Change Response Partnership Fund of $200 million over four years.

This will support councils as they help their communities reduce emissions and transition to a low-carbon future.