Survey call for LG staff involved in 2019-20 bushfires response

Researchers assessing the wellbeing of people who responded to the Black Summer bushfires want to draw on the experiences of local government staff.

Many local government authority staff played important roles in responding to the fires, and University of Western Australian (UWA) researchers are inviting them to participate in a study to help ensure the current and future wellbeing of people involved in responding to major fire events.

The UWA project, After the Fires, is studying the impact of the 2019-20 bushfires on the resilience and wellbeing of fire and emergency services personnel.

To begin, please click on this link. The survey should take about 10–15 minutes to complete, and it is important that it be completed in a single session.

More detailed information about the aims of the survey; privacy and confidentiality; and health care and support services available can be found in the Participant Information Form.

Questions can be resolved by phoning the research team on 1800 216 753 or email

Project results will be made available online via the After the Fires project website.