Tax Office reminder that STP Phase 2 reporting has begun

The Australian Taxation Office is reminding local government payroll managers to transition to the new Single Touch Payroll (STP) Phase 2 reporting requirements.

STP Phase 2 reporting began on 1 January 2022, however individual transitions will depend on the readiness of your digital service provider (DSP).

Either they are:

  • ready for you to start reporting STP Phase 2 information, or
  • they require additional time to get their product ready and have a DSP deferral in place that also covers their customers.

The additional information collected in the STP Phase 2 report and shared, will primarily support administration of the welfare system by Services Australia. The changes also aim to streamline a range of employer reporting obligations, making it simpler to comply and reduce duplication.

The Tax Office Employer STP Phase 2 checklist will provide you with the necessary detail and steps to take to transition.