Vic looks to halve its litter problem with CDS starting in 2023

Victoria’s new container deposit scheme (CDS) has been unveiled with claims it will lead to three billion containers being recycled every year and halve the state’s litter.

Starting in 2023, Victorians will be able to return cans, bottles and cartons at shopping centres, drive-through collection depots, and mobile drop-off points at events and community festivals.

Charity, community, and sports groups will also have the option of operating container collection points to raise extra funds.

The scheme’s design is similar to the NSW CDS and follows detailed analysis of schemes operating internationally and interstate to “make sure Victoria has the best possible CDS”.

The Victoria government says it will continue to work closely with the beverage and recycling industries and the community and charity sector as the legislation is developed.

The contract for the “network operator” will be put out for tender, with the government suggesting there could be one or more operators.

Beverage companies are yet to decide how much more expensive their products will become in Victoria when the CDS begins.

Drinks rose an average of 7.7 cents in NSW and 9.9 cents in Queensland when those jurisdictions introduced their CDSs.

Victoria is the last state or territory to introduce a CDS.