Work-from-home ‘likely to remain popular after Covid-19’

The rising work-from-home trend has benefitted workers and could potentially increase the nation’s productivity, a report published this week says.

Up to 40 percent of employees have been forced to work from home during the Coronavirus pandemic, according to the Productivity Commission report – and that a result of not having to commute to work, these employees have won “significant flexibility and time gains”.

The PC report also urges governments not to resist the changes, saying both employers and staff stand to benefit from them.

“It is a fundamentally positive development overall, unlocking new-found value to be shared between workers and firms,” the report says .

“Governments should not fight it.”

While the shift of economic activity from CBDs to suburbs has disrupted some CBD businesses, new business opportunities are opening up in the suburbs and regional areas.

However, the report predicts most employees will return to working from centralised offices after the pandemic.