WasteNSW 2016 Natural Disasters, Risk Management Conference is the first of its kind in Australia, it will help bring your organisation up to date on the latest learnings and how to better understand the increasing frequency and ferocity that natural disasters may affect your business.

Natural disasters not only have adverse impacts on the lives of those affected, but they also generate large amounts of debris that needs to be collected and processed. Additionally, they impact on the many assets owned by waste managers and resource recovery businesses, as well as local governments.


  • Anna Bligh, Former Premier of Queensland
  • Tony Pearce, Inspector-General Emergency Management, Department of Justice and Regulation
  • Dr Charlotte Brown, Resilient Organisations NZ
  • Dr Paula Dootson, Bush Fire and Natural Hazard CRC
  • Gavin Tunstall, Program Manager – Disaster Recovery, SUEZ
  • Cate Woods, Acting Manager Regional Waste Compliance, NSW Environment Protection Authority
  • Alan Thorn, Senior Underwriter, Liberty International Underwriters
  • Andrew Mitchell, Manager Hazardous Incidents, NSW Environment Protection Authority
  • Jennifer Hughes, Partner, Baker & McKenzie