An inside look at planning for Parramatta Light Rail

Ahead of the 3rd Annual NSW Transport summit, Transport IQ interviewed Tim Poole, Project Director – Parramatta Light Rail Transport for NSW. In this exclusive article, Tim shares exclusive insight into how the light rail, together with an integrated transport network, will support that growth and allow these precincts to be directly connected.

Read the article to learn more about how Transport for NSW is:

  • Finalising the business case to enable Light Rail infrastructure development by identifying existing and future land-use requirements
  • Establishing a design that responds to future development of planned job generators such as the Parramatta CBD & Westmead Health Precinct
  • Anticipating future capacity needs for the community by designing Parramatta Light Rail with a minimum 30 years' service cycle

To find out more about the NSW Transport Infrastructure Leaders summit taking place 27-28 September in Sydney, will bring together transport infrastructure leaders from the local, state and federal Government including Transport for NSW, City of Sydney, Sydney Metro Delivery office and many more, click here to download the full agenda.

I hope you enjoy the article.