Test drive the tablet that's working for Councils across Australia

With its 19-hour battery life, proven reliability and the extended coverage of Telstra's 4GX network, Toshiba's Z20t is attracting orders from Councils across Australia. 

What CEOs and CFOs like.

  1. Replace tablets, notebook and desktops with one device.
  2. The digitizer pen helps staff work more productively.
  3. Package with Telstra mobile broadband plans to reduce capex.

What operations managers like.

  1. Rugged, business class build.
  2. All day battery life.
  3. The extended reach of Telstra's 4GX network. 

What IT teams like. 

  1. Run Windows 10 Pro, Windows 8 or Windows 7. 
  2. Specifically designed for fleet use. 
  3. Three-year enterprise-grade warranty.

What field and office workers like.

  1. It's easy to hold in one hand. 
  2. The screen is designed for outdoor use. 
  3. Switch between digitizer pen, touch & keyboard input. 

To assess the Z20t against your end users' requirements, organise a test drive. Learn more: