President’s column

One hundred and seven resolutions from the NGA were taken under consideration by the ALGA Board this week and covered a range of topics including Financial Assistance Grants, Roads to Recovery and other government grant programs, freight improvements, rate-capping, cost-shifting, community infrastructure funding, affordable housing, preventative health, migration and settlement, climate change and the environment.

One of the resolutions considered, and endorsed, by the Board was from Whitehorse City Council in VIC calling on the federal government to allocate funds to assist local government to build and maintain ‘female-friendly’ sporting facilities and amenities.

This resolution was consistent with ALGA’s existing policy that well-located, well-designed and properly-maintained community infrastructure enhances the quality of life and enriches the experience of residents every day. ALGA supports opportunities to remove barriers and assist all citizens to participate in council activities and use council facilities, and has championed this on multiple occasions to the federal government.

ALGA will continue its call to the government to commit to a Local Government Community Infrastructure Program of $300 million per annum for four years that would ensure communities' most important infrastructure can continue to underpin community wellbeing and community resilience.

The Board considered the most appropriate action to take on all the resolutions carried by the delegates who attended this year's Assembly and councils will be advised of the action to be taken on their resolutions as soon as possible.


Mayor David O’Loughlin

 ALGA President