Strategic Planning for Impact

Attendees complete this one day course with a straightforward understanding of the steps and skills needed for effective strategic planning. Effective strategic planning is a research based process, which forecasts the issues and constantly monitors the process to ensure trust is built in a two way conversation with the community and maintained through outcomes. The training style is open and conversational to maximise learning outcomes. The program identifies the keys to success and the common failings of strategic planning, encouraging an open dialogue on common planning issues. 

Consideration is given to taking forward the outputs of a strategic plan and preparing these outputs for translation into a planning scheme.This course is useful for both planners who are looking for a refresher on strategic planning and non-planners who would like to incorporate strategic planning principles into their designs and consulting.

Registration is $750 (exc GST) $200 discount with the code – StrategicPlanCCSD$200 

  • SYDNEY, August 23
  • MELBOURNE, September 19

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